dimarts, 3 d’abril de 2007

Surrender is not an option

Davant la voluntat del Senat nord-americà de retirar les tropes de l'Iraq el proper 2008 el senador i candidat a la presidència John McCain recolza una campanya de recollida de signatures de suport a un manifest que de forma molt clara expressa per al públic americà per què no es poden retirar en les condicions actuals. Com que normalment els nostres mèdia no ens permeten conèixer amb gaire detall els arguments del dirigents del Partit Republicà transcric aquest manifest:
"The decision of the Senate made on March 27 to call for a date certain withdrawal from Iraq is nothing more than a guaranteed date of surrender.
It is a refusal to acknowledge the dire consequences of failure, in terms of the stability in the Middle East and the resulting impact on the security of all Americans, whether home or abroad.

Democrats have chosen the politically expedient position of failure rather than putting aside the small politics of the day in the interest of our nation and the values upon which this nation rests.

We the undersigned remain steadfast in our support for the war against terrorism and mindful of the consequences of failure in Iraq, even if Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid refuse to acknowledge those consequences.

We support our troops and the new strategy and believe it should be given the opportunity to succeed. American national security interests are directly at stake.
Success or failure in Iraq is the transcendent issue for our foreign policy and our national security. People say they want to defeat the terrorists, but if we withdraw from Iraq prematurely, it will be the terrorists' greatest triumph.

If we leave Iraq based on an artificial timetable, al Qaeda will be free to plan, train for and conduct operations from Iraq just as they did in Afghanistan before 9/11. "

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